About QuiltVtShop

This shop owner is Karen Abrahamovich, I have been a quilter for many years and started designing quilt patterns in 2020.  I started with a few patterns to use up my scraps and documented the patterns then designed a quilt pattern for my home state of Vermont.   I approached my local quilt shops to see if they were interested in selling the pattern and things grew from there.  I had requests for different size options and to design New Hampshire and Maine.  My standard quilt state pattern evolved to include 4 sizes - from small wall or pillow to throw or lap size quilts.

Maine and New Hampshire quilt shops were added to my wholesale customer base and the patterns have sold very well with requests for additional states and countries. I now have quilt patterns for all 50 states and 12 countries and have started designing Canadian Provences and Territories. The design work will continue!  

Hard copy patterns are sold through quilt shops that are part of my wholesale customer base and retail customers can order individual patterns from my Etsy site.

The state and country designs are what I call "semi-pixelated" and worked in strips.  The quilt size is determined by what strip width is used.  I find them addicting to both create and construct!

This site is for wholesale orders only which is priced at 50% of the retail price.

I have a few quilt shops that carry all of the states!  Some have made samples for their shops and prepared kits to sell... I very much want to keep quilt shops thriving and enjoy working with the owners to meet their needs.

Karen Abrahamovich

Located in the Green Mountain State.....  Vermont!

14 Circle Drive,   South Burlington Vermont   05403